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Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, Junior Fanfictions

Mochi; Because my family, my friends, my seniors, and my teachers used to pinches my cheeks and some of my friends and seniors said my cheeks are like mochi. Raito; Because it's related to my real name.

I'm fan of J.E and likes Japanese stuffs. I'm one of Tobikko and also fan of Aqua Timez, Arashi, some of Johnny's Jr. Interested in Japan, Hey! Say! JUMP, drum (and also Nakajima Yuto), cover-dance, fanfiction, blogging, writing fanfiction, and role-playing. Recently, officially became one of //(slash)ers and fan of Choutokkyuu.

I'm not smart. I'm not beautiful. I'm not good at P.E, physics, and mathematics. I'm not good at playing instruments. I'm not so tall. I'm not so thin. I'm not so patient. I'm short-tempered. I'm not so kind. I'm loud. I'm annoying. But I like myself just the way it is.

Let's be a DREAMER who knows when the TIME to make our DREAMS COME TRUE. And let's DASH to catch our dream. We still have a CHANCE TO CHANGE to turn our bad MEMORIES into good one and make it an ULTRA MUSIC POWER. HEY! SAY! 'GANBARETSUGO!' and just do your best.